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  Black Madonnas.  The Black Madonna, who you see here, is
  the Black Madonna of Einsiedeln located in Switzerland.  She
  is almost 4 feet tall and made completely out of wood.  It was
  this Black Madonna of Einsiedeln who first initiated me into the
  mysteries of the dark feminine. 

  For the past 25 years I have been interested in, actually
  captivated by, the many Black Madonnas venerated around the
  world. These Black Madonnas are as mysterious as they are
  powerful.  While looking at this
gallery of Black Madonnas, I
  invite you to ask yourself:

      Why are these Madonnas black? 
      Why do some Black Madonnas hold a white child? 
      Why are some of these Black Madonnas childless?
      Why were some of these Black Madonnas whitened? 
      Why are these Black Madonnas resurfacing in our
      Why are many of these Black Madonnas placed atop sites
           of worship that were once dedicated to ancient Earth
           Mothers such as Demeter, Cybele, Isis, Artemis, etc.?
      How does the Madonna speak to you?

   The Black Madonna of Einsiedeln    The history of this Black Madonna of Einsiedeln includes a story
   about when the French came to invade Einsiedeln in 1798.  The people of the town put the Madonna in a
   casket and buried her in the earth for almost a year.  When it was safe to bring the Madonna back up
   from the earth, it was clear that the Madonna was in need of restoration.  The Black Madonna of
   Einsiedeln was sent to Austria to be restored and during that process she was whitened! 

   After several months the Madonna was returned to her people but when they saw that she was whitened,
   they could not believe their eyes and became quite angry. The congregation shouted, “She is not our Holy
   Mother of Einsiedeln” and they refused to come and pray until the Madonna was truly restored to her
   original color.

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