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   Sandplay Therapy
   Through the sandtray, the psyche is allowed its own
   creative expression to access the unconscious.  Use of the
   sandtray in my work with children and adults has provided
   them with deep healing and growth.

Worked with high-risk young mothers and their newborn infants
      at the UCSF Infant-Parent Program

  Provided therapeutic services to families of children under the age
      of six who witnessed or experienced domestic violence at the UCSF
      Child Trauma Program
Worked in the San Francisco Unified School District, as well as
      co-facilitating therapeutic play/socialization groups with emotionally
      disturbed, high-risk preschool children at the Tenderloin Daycare
   I have chosen to use an image of my home altar on "my work" page
   because my life's work has been the cultivation of my inner spiritual
   Self.  All the images and statues collected along the way, and the
   creation of the altar itself, tells the ongoing story of my journey.
   Just as an artist would use her easel to rest a work in progress - to
   create, to adjust, to balance, to add and to contemplate - so too
   my altar provides me with a visual connection to my work, the
   threshold to my creative process. 


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