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"More On Mysteries of Change" by Edith Sullwold, Ph.D.

Reprinted by permission of the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology from Inward Light, Vol. XLII, No. 93,
by Ermine Huntress Lantero, ed., copyright 1979 by Edith Sullwold, Ph.D.

We are more than our bodies, we are fields of energy out of which we form our bodies. Our bodies are within us.

Every part contains the whole. We cannot move without influencing everything in the universe. We are the stars, the plants, each other. Possibly just by thinking about anything we can change the object and ourselves. In that case we have choices and responsibilities for change in ourselves and in all of life.

Every thought, every dream, every myth, every feeling, every image is an awareness of another reality which coexists. We seek the harmony between all our universes.

We don't have to make an effort to control or direct our energies. We need only allow the consciousness, the totality, the I
which we are, to come to our awareness, to find us and harmonize us.

As we turn inward, we realize we directly affect the universe and take direct responsibility, knowing that our totality is with us
now. If enough people are aware of the harmonies and peace implicit in all layers of the universe, conflict and fear can diminish. An excitement for life, its joy, its brilliance, its dance of movement and change is our natural inheritance, and we are all needed
for the dance.

Edith Sullwold's main presentation on this theme at Haverford '78 was an illustrated lecture, not reducible to print. Later she kindly wrote a different article for our Spring '79 issue. We now feel moved to supplement it with this sampling from notes
taken by some who heard her at Haverford.


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